Port Management

Port Management



The service of the Diploma Course in Port Management often plays a vital role in the fields like international trade and commerce, falls in the department of logistics etc. The facts say that approximately 90% of the world's overall trade is done by sea route. Thus, maintaining these sea ports are very mandatory to make the trade continue in a more better way. When the trade was flourishing all across the globe, then the movement of freight via a means of a ship was listed as the cost-effective mode of transportation. It also enhances the concerns of varied professionals when it comes to the activities of port management. Additionally, Port Management is known as a mishmash of transportation, handling of goods and services, storage, ship operations, safety and health management and a lot more as per the concerns of a ship and the members working for it.

Ports deal with different disparate activities which are listed as follows:
• Movement
• Loading and unloading of ships
• Containers and cargo
• Customs activities
• Human resources
Port management is widely required to be organized for which we render the services of Diploma Course in Port Management with a combination of material handling, storage, road transport, safe ship operations, health and safety.

Port Management


Course Duration:

« VMS shipping offer certificate course – 6 months duration.
« VMS shipping offer diploma course in port management – 1 year duration.

Eligibility :

« Educational requirement for this career is Minimum 10th pass for this course.


With increasing importance of international trade, the need for skilled individuals to manage ports has increased. Services of shipping and port management professionals are required by both government agencies and private sectors.